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November 20, 2019by coldwright

When to Call a Plumber

If you’re handy around the house, you may only need to call a plumber in an emergency. But for most folks, hiring a licensed plumber for remodeling, installations and more makes total sense, because you’re guaranteed a professional job that’s up to code. Beware the handyman who says he knows a lot about plumbing.

Minor plumbing repairs are within the abilities of most homeowners, now that we have YouTube and the internet to show us how to fix a problem. But even for the most experienced do-it-yourselfer, there are times when it is mandatory that you call a plumber, and fast.

  • Low water pressure throughout the house.

    The problem could be anywhere in your system. A good plumber will be able to analyze your system and pinpoint the problem.

  • No hot water.

    If your water heater is more than ten years old, it will definitely need to be replaced. A plumber can bring a new water heater and dispose of the old one. Many times, the same day you call. Water heater repairs include failed burners, igniters, faulty thermostat and more.

  • Clogged sewer line.

    If you’ve tried all the tricks and things are still backing up, call a plumber. A good plumber can use a video camera to locate the blockage and come up with a plan for removal.

  • Main line / sewer line leak.

    This isn’t your faucet that’s leaking. Call in the pros.

  • Frozen pipes.

    Turn off the water at the main shutoff valve. You can try to thaw a small section of pipe yourself, but if it’s cracked or the pipes are frozen behind a wall, you need to call a plumber.

  • Burst pipes.

    Turn off the main water shutoff valve and call a plumber to come replace the pipe.

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