Water Treatment

Water Treatment Systems

Coldwright Plumbing Company can improve your water quality with the installation of water treatment systems, such as a water softener, acid neutralizer or a reverse osmosis system. If your water smells, tastes bad or leaves unsightly stains, give us a call. Our plumbers will come out to your home or business to get a water sample for analysis. That will tell us what the problem is, how to fix it and what equipment and services you need to get the clean, fresh drinking water you deserve.

Water Softener

A water softener is a device used in homes and businesses to remove dissolved minerals from your water. Usually these are calcium and lime from your well water or city water. This is typically called hard water.

A water softener has several benefits! It reduces soap residue on your hair, skin and clothes, reduces soap scum in the shower and bath, making it easier to clean your bathroom! Improves water flow and reduces the amount of scale in your water pipes, and the best of all… It saves you money, by reducing your water heating bills!

Reverse Osmosis System

A reverse osmosis system will reduce dissolved minerals, lead, selenium, copper, bad tastes and odor as well as chlorine taste and odor in your water. Reverse osmosis systems provide cleaner, fresher tasting drinking water for your home or business. These water purification systems install under your sink, out of the way. Coldwright Plumbing offers reverse osmosis system installation as well as replacement filters, membranes and repair parts.

Contact Us today at +443-787-9844 for all of your water softener, acid neutralizer and reverse osmosis needs.

Acid Neutralizer

Installing an acid neutralizer is an effective and economical way to correct low pH in your water. Common signs of acidic water, if you have copper pipes, are blue or green stains in your tub or sinks. Over time, low pH water can damage your copper water pipes and create pin-hole leaks. By installing an acid neutralizer, you can slow down or stop the problem at its source.

Coldwright Plumbing Company has the experience you need when it comes to installing your acid neutralizer system, complete with filters, and a water softener if needed.

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