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Gas Water Heaters

Forest Hill Gas Water Heaters

Gas Water Heaters Replaced in Baltimore and Harford County

Gas water heaters today offer high efficiency and compact designs for both residential and commercial installations. Selecting the right gas water heater includes selecting the right size for your home or business, and deciding if you want a conventional storage hot water heater or a tankless water heater.

Experienced Plumbers

You need an experienced plumber to replace your gas water heater to ensure it is done safely and up to code. The plumbers at Coldwright Plumbing have been working on gas water heaters for years, and we stay up to date with changes in technology.

Conventional storage gas water heaters heat water constantly in the tank, which can waste energy even when a hot water tap isn’t running. This is called standby heat loss. Some storage water heater models now come with a heavily insulated tank, which can reduce standby heat loss and reduce energy costs. Look for models that have a thermal resistance (R-Value) of R-12 to R-25.

Gas water heaters also require venting. This is just one more reason you need a licensed plumbing and heating contractor for your gas water heater repair and installation. Proper installation and maintenance of your gas water heater can maximize its efficiency. Read your owner’s manual for maintenance recommendations.

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