The Benefits of Sump Pumps

February 13, 2020by coldwright

Sump pumps – the ultimate insurance policy. The benefits are innumerable.

In 2018 Maryland got 69 inches of rain – which is nearly double the average rainfall of around 40 inches. During one of the heaviest storms, Harford County and Baltimore County received nearly 15 inches of rain.

Over the course of days and days of continuous rain, a lot of sump pumps kicked on. And a lot of property was saved. Thanks to sump pumps, there was a lot less soggy dry-wall, wet carpet, warped flooring and furniture damage. Thanks to this equipment, flooding was prevented. Sump pumps – the quietly humming, almost-silent heroes.

How It Works

Sump pumps are installed in the lowest part of the basement or crawlspace. It’s placed in a sump pit below grade, so it can start pumping water before it gets into the house. The sump pit is dug into the soil beneath the foundation, where natural ground water can access. Ground water accumulates in the bottom of the sump pit. As the ground water level rises, it triggers the pump to start. The sump draws up the water and pumps it outside. Because of this action, the water never reaches the basement floor level.

They are powered by electricity and should be plugged directly into a ground fault circuit interrupter GFCI outlet. In cases where they may be a storm that knocks out power, it is essential to have a battery-backup pump or a generator on hand.

Failure potentials occur when the pump is undersized or worn out after many years of use. Since there are many essential moving parts to the sump pump, it should be inspected regularly.


Sump pumps are the first line of protection against a heavy rain storm. As the water comes up, the pump goes to work to keep the basement dry. But here are some additional scenarios the sump pump serves you.

  • Protection during long spans of ongoing rain that raise the groundwater level and takes significant time to subside
  • Defense against drainage failures. Do you have water ponding around the foundation of your home? Do your gutters and drain spouts effectively channel water off your roof and away from your foundation? In general these are long term issues that must be addressed, but the first time they fail, the sump pump can help alleviate the intake of water.
  • Guard from rapid snow melt. After a heavy snow event a combination of warm temperatures and a snow/ice dam effect may cause water to puddle along the edge of your home. In some cases, snow is shoveled from a sidewalk, porch, or deck and winds up in mounds around the foundation.
  • Overall moisture, mold and mildew reduction. Because the basement is kept dryer, including the air in the basement, the potential for growth of mold and mildew growth is notably reduced. A reliable sump pump paired with a solid dehumidifier means that you can now use your basement for recreation, storage and additional live-able home space.

Do you need this system?

If you live in Maryland, absolutely. Dryer areas of the country are not always high-risk for flood situations. And certain properties on high elevation are at a reduced flood potential. However, most residential construction in Maryland now comes furnished with a sump pump equipped with a battery back-up.

If you’re looking to have questions answered about installation, replacement, or upgrade of a new sump pump in your home, we would be happy to come by for a free evaluation and provide recommendations to solve your problems.

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