Protection of your water supply from backflow and backsiphonage prevention is very critical when it comes to the plumbing systems in homes and businesses to prevent cross connections of toxic and non-toxic substances in the potable water supply. The reverse flow of non-potable contaminates or polluted water back into the domestic water supply due to negative pressure creating backsiphonage, or a higher pressure in a non-potable water line will cause backflow.  You as a home or business owner must protect your drinking water system and the health of your neighbors, employees, and customers by preventing or protecting of all cross connections on your premises on the plumbing water supply system.

Homes are losing protection of your water supply with backsiphonage and backflow with these type of factors:

Preventive  protection of your  water supply in homes for  backsiphonage and backflow include:

Businesses and commercial buildings have even more potential ways of a cross connection by means of backsiphonage and backflow on the water supply. All backflow prevention assemblies must be both State approved and provide the appropriate protection for the degree of hazard present. To prevent contamination before it occurs by ensuring that City and County businesses comply with all relevant City, County and State codes. Devices installed in a building potable water supply system for protection against backflow shall be maintained in good working order to protect against backsiphonage and backflow for its employees, commercial customers, and the public and are reasonable for maintaining the devices; these are checked annually for inspection for proper protection.

Protection in commercial buildings and businesses against backsiphonage and backflow by means of installing devices such as mechanical vacuum breakers, atmospheric vacuum breakers, pressure type vacuum breakers, and reduced pressure backflow preventers, and double check backflow preventers on the water supply potable system to prevent a cross connection.

These type of devices should be when you need protection of your water supply against backsiphonage and backflow on the potable water supply system:

List of businesses that are associated with backsiphonage and backflow:

All backsiphonage and backflow devices against hazardous cross connections on potable water supply system should only be installed and inspected by a professional certified and licensed person to protect our well-being in  homes and businesses of a plumbing system for a better protection of your water supply.

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