Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Bel Air Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Why a battery backup sump pumps?

Battery backup sump pumps are like an insurance policy for your sump pump. If you’ve ever had a flooded basement because of a failed sump pump, you know how critical your sump pump is. When the power fails at your house due to stormy weather, the power of a battery backup sump pump can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in damages and in mold remediation.

Sump Pump Problems

At any given time one of the following situations can occur making your main pump inoperable:

  • The power goes out.
  • The main pump gets clogged or seizes up.
  • The float switch fails or gets stuck.
  • There main pump can’t handle all of the water from a big storm lasting several days.
  • The check valve on the main pump fails.
  • The discharge pipe freezes or clogs.

When any of these things happen, the result is a flooded basement. By using battery backup sump pumps you can protect yourself and keep your basement dry. These backup pump systems are designed to switch on automatically when the power goes out, or if the main pump isn’t keeping up with the inflow of water. And many of these systems will sound an alarm if the system needs maintenance.

At Coldwright Plumbing, we’ll make recommendations for a sump pump backup system, and tell you the pros and cons. We consider things like pumping capacity, battery charger strength, user friendliness and more. We want to make sure your basement stays dry, and give you peace of mind when the rain starts to fall.

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