Plumbing problems happen all the time. Guaranteed, you’ve dealt with something small, such as a clog or ongoing drip, to something big, like a bathroom renovation. When it comes to calling in help, the options are endless. Many people poll their friends on Facebook or check Angie’s List for suggestions on reliable plumbers. Others have a super-handy friend they can call or a contractor they’ve used in the past.

When it comes to fixing plumbing problems, we have one big suggestion: use a local, licensed, experienced plumber. Here are a few reasons to use a good local plumber:

Local Plumbers Know the Local Regulations and Codes

If you live in Harford or Baltimore County, you live in a county that already has outlined specific codes and regulations for plumbing standards. In the event you are doing any type of major work, such as an addition, remodel, restoration or renovation, it’s important that all the plumbing work meet code. When the inspector comes out to review the permitted work, they will immediately notice whether or not the plumbing work is up to code and not maintaining compliance could put your project, and budget at risk.

Locally licensed plumbers must know the local codes and standards and perform all work to pass inspection. A plumber operating under the table, unlicensed, or from out of the area may leave you in a very vulnerable situation that forces you to have work re-done.

Insurance on Plumbing Work is Crucial

When it rains, it pours. And when plumbing goes wrong, it goes wrong BAD. I.E., it may result in water damage to your home, personal belongings and trigger all kinds of headaches you never want to experience. That’s why we recommend always using an insured plumber. So that way, if a replaced water line in your wall breaks, resulting in $50,000 of damage to your furniture, flooring, upholstery and electronics, the plumber’s insurance will pick up the bill for his error or the equipment failure.

Customer Reviews from Local Residents

It’s a great site to see a plumber with an extensive cache of positive reviews on his website. These folks are your local neighbors, and knowing they’ve had a good experience with a plumber is a good sign you’ll have one too. Plus you can read detailed information about how the plumber treats his customers, so you’ll be more likely to pick a plumber with exceptional customer service skills.

Advantages over National Companies

When it comes to using a local plumber verses a national plumber, there are a few positive advantages the local plumber holds. For one, they are more likely to be able to respond quickly to you and get you on their calendar faster. Local plumbers are very concerned about making and keeping customers for the long term with real relationships. You’re more likely to get that personal touch that comes along with the local plumber. Additionally, local plumbers are generally more cost-competitive than national plumbers.

Local Plumbers Know the Groundwater

If you’re in need of any water treatment or well pump services, look no further than a plumber in the immediate area. They will have previous experience with the groundwater related to your local well site and aquifer. They will be familiar with any major contaminants, elements, or spills in the area that may impact your drinking water. And they will be best equipped to diagnose and treat your water in the best way.

Plumber Insight – License Number

The lower the license number, the more years in the trade and experience a plumber should have. Our State of Maryland license number is 6831, which makes is one of the oldest and first established plumbers in the Harford and Baltimore County area. These days the master plumber license numbers are running in the 6-digit with the number of plumbers in service. If you pick Coldwright, you’ll be picking one of the good ones that knows their stuff and has stood the test of time!

At Coldwright Plumbing and Heating, we say, “Go local!” We want to be your go-to resource for all your residential and commercial plumbing and heating needs. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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