There are many maintenance reasons to call a plumber even through the situation doesn’t seem like an emergency. Obviously people will call when there is water spraying everywhere from broken pipes, or they have no water in the house because their well pump just died. These are emergencies that require immediate attention. These are the kinds of things you’ll miss a day a work for.

There’s another category of problems that are merely annoyances and minor fixes, but that taken together would require a whole day to address on our own. These are the kinds of problems that accumulate on the to-do lists of busy homeowners, juggling a job, a family, and a home. They’re not problems you’ll take a weekday off for, but they are going to cost you a weekend. The following is a list of maintenance items that you can put on your plumber’s “to-do” list he could address in one visit.

Leaky Faucets and Fixtures

Leaky faucets are an annoying, but not a time-critical plumbing problem. We put up with them until we decide to get new fixtures, and we tell ourselves we’ll make time to pick out new fixtures and install them ourselves. Did you ever think that you could call your trusted plumbing professional to help you pick out new fixtures and install them for you?

Stinky Washing Machines

A stinky, moldy odor in your laundry rooms may be coming from leaks in the hoses coming to and from your washing machine. Cracks and bulges in the hose line behind your washing machine are an indication of a leak.

Missing Sink and Tub Drain Plugs

How did these ever get lost? At this point it doesn’t matter, but missing or improperly working drain plugs are a serious issue. You’ll lose things down the drain that you don’t want to lose, and on top of that your trap will accumulate excessive junk that would have been caught by the drain plug. In other words, you’ll have clogs and worse problems than a simple missing plug.

Worn Out Hose Bibs

Hose bibs that are worn out or leaky will spray water against the side of your house when you hook them up to run in the spring and summer time. Water that’s spraying against your house is causing water damage, especially if you have anything other than vinyl siding. Even then, is water getting underneath or around the hose bib? A plumber can get this fixed.

A General Inspection of Your Home’s Plumbing

Let’s face it, most people will not call a plumber when there is no immediate issue in their home, but if you have a plumber out to your house to fix one issue, even if it’s a minor one ( or a group of minor issues) then why not have him take a look around to inspect for signs of other minor problems and get them on the schedule to be fixed before they become big problems? It will never seem like an emergency to set up that inspection, but it may prevent an emergency.

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