When you step into the shower in the morning, or turn on the faucet at a sink, you don’t like to wait for the water to finally turn hot. You shouldn’t have to stand there and wait an extended period of time for the water to finally warm up. The answer just may be a hot water recirculation system.

Is your water hot enough, long enough?

In another post, we talked about reasons your water might not be hot enough, or last long enough. One of the main causes of hot water problems is the distance hot water has to pass through a long network of pipes in a large house. The further it travels in the pipes, the longer you have to wait for it to warm up when you turn the faucet on.

Additionally, the water leaving the hot water heater begins to cool once it departs the tank and heads toward your faucet.  This problem can be solved with a hot water recirculation system.

What is a hot water recirculation system?

A hot water recirculation system can significantly reduce the time it takes for your water to get hot. It is an advanced technique that makes plumbing far more efficient in multiple ways. Because they’re so effective, some states are now requiring the installation of hot water recirculation system in new residential construction. It recycles unused water back to the heater, so less water needs to be heated later on.

Hot It Works

Think of this system as having “smart pipes” in your house. The system works by pumping existing warm water sitting in the line back to the heater to be heated again. Sensors placed in the line let the system know when hot water has arrived at each tap so the pump can turn off. This means that less energy is required to heat up the water. Instead of making cold water hot – it’s making warm water hot. Also the pump is running less, because the sensors tell them when it’s no longer needed.

2 types of hot water recirculation systems:

There are two types of hot water recirculation systems, those operated on a pump, and those that are gravity fed. We recommend the pump-driven ones because they are driven by the demand and water consumption of the home-owner and are more energy-efficient, cost effective and save more water.

Benefits of hot water recirculation system:

Here are the full benefits of hot water recirculation system:

Do you need this system?

The short answer is, it depends. The first thing to check is the capacity and functionality of your current hot water heater. The hot water recirculation system is not a substitution for an undersized water heater. And if your hot water heater isn’t running properly it will need repair. But it may be a good solution for a household with a high demand for hot water.

If you’d like us to come evaluate your hot water heating system to see if this could be a solution for your home, call us today! We’ll check all the components of your existing heating system to make sure everything is running properly, then provide recommendations for ways to solve your hot water needs.

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