Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Are two sump pumps better than one? Considering that your primary sump pump can fail when you need it most (due to a storm-related power outage or excessive rains), most homeowners in Maryland should consider a backup sump pump.

Coldwright Plumbing & Heating installs battery backup sump pumps as well as water-powered sump pumps. These devices start up automatically as needed and can be connected to your regular pump’s discharge pipe or a new pipe.

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Why Do You Need a Backup Sump Pump?

As you may know, sump pumps are not infallible. They can only handle a certain amount of water per minute. They wear out in about ten years. And because they run on electricity, an outage or tripped breaker would mean you need a battery backup to take over.

Situations that call for a battery sump pump (or water-powered sump pump) include:

Water-Powered Backup Sump Pumps

For everyone on the Harford County water supply or a local municipal water line, a water-powered backup sump pump can be another great failover option. (Well pumps cannot operate a water-powered backup if the electricity is out.)

Water-powered sump pumps use the water pressure in your home plumbing to push excess sump water out of the house. It’s an electricity-free option for on-demand backup protection.

We Provide Battery Back Up Sump Pump Services in..

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Battery Backup Sump Pumps in the Baltimore Area

Our Harford County plumbers know what it takes to get you the best protection. We can recommend a battery sump pump with adequate power and nifty smart features that you know it’s working.

Battery backup sump pumps install alongside your regular system and have their own switch. Whether you need backup power because of a power outage or because the primary pump is running but can’t keep up with demand, the battery backup will come to life.

There are many simple and highly affordable battery backup sump pumps available. For a little bit more, you can get one with longer battery life, more power, and a self-monitoring system that will email or text you if there’s a problem.

Request Backup Sump Pump Installation or Repairs

Coldwright Plumbing & Heating keeps your basement and belongings protected from flood damage. We can install, replace, and repair your main sump pump as well as your choice of water-powered or battery backup sump pump.

Call us today or request service online for a backup sump pump in the Baltimore or Harford County area before the next rain!

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