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Bathroom plumbing

Changing the plumbing of your bathroom is a big project. You have the opportunity to completely reinvent your bathroom and your daily personal experience.  Make your bathroom more elegant, comfortable, convenient, and luxurious with a few key changes. Whether you are building your bathroom from the ground up or have a specific plumbing remodel you want to enact, it’s important to plan ahead.

As bathroom and plumbing remodel specialists, we have a few smart tips that can help any homeowner’s bathroom remodel project.

1. Finalize the Plan Early

Home remodels often have the “one more change” downside. It’s all too easy for a remodel to spool out before you can close up the wall and finish your tiling. The best bathroom remodels are planned completely ahead of time. This is easiest to do when you work with professionals to fully visualize your remodel and crystalize that into a finalized design. With a solid plan, you can move confidently, efficiently, and affordably with each stage of your bathroom renovation.

2. Concentrate Break-Through Areas

When it comes to plumbing remodels, the most efficient projects minimize break-through areas where the wall must be opened to alter plumbing features. This means you should see every necessary breakthrough as an opportunity to do other work in the area while you’ve got the wall open. This way, each plumbing upgrade shares the investment of opening and closing the wall so that the project becomes much more efficient with every improvement.

3. Have Old Plumbing Repiped

Many homes suffer from old and outdated plumbing behind the walls that can’t be reached. Pipes rusting and corroding over time, pipes building up with mineral scale deposit – these can be pulled out and replaced with bright new pipes wherever you have plumbing remodels nearby.

Have your bathroom repiped during a plumbing remodel to improve a hidden yet essential quality. Get rid of pipes covered in scale or starting to decay for new pipes made of the latest non-corrosive alloys. We recommend looking into repiping any time you have an opportunity to swap out some old plumbing for modern pipes.

4. Clarify Your Schedule

Planning a home renovation of any sort means thinking about your schedule. It can take a few weeks, sometimes a few months, to complete the work from beginning to end. This means planning ahead for when your home will be available for contractors and plumbers to do the work. Build and clarify your schedule so that you can book appointments exactly when they are most convenient and efficient.

Clarifying your schedule is especially important for bathroom renovations which often coordinate more than one team for plumbing, cabinetry, countertops, and

5. Have an Out-of-Service Plan

What will you do while the bathroom is taken apart and not yet put back together? Make sure you and your household have a solution when the renovation has your bathroom out of service. If this is your master suite, prepare to use the family bathroom. If it’s the family bathroom, make sure kids and guests have access to the master suite or – if available – the half-bath powder room. Some families choose to enact widespread renovations and stay somewhere else while the work is being completed. The best plan depends on the home’s layout, family size and the needs of your routine.

Remodeling your bathroom is a big task, but beautifully done with the right teams working together. For all your plumbing remodeling needs, Coldwright Plumbing and Heating can help you transform your bathroom at the deepest level. Whether you want an on-demand water heater, to move the toilet, or a freestanding bathtub, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to consult on your upcoming bathroom remodel. We will help you build the plan, budget, and schedule to achieve your vision.

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