It’s very easy to take functional plumbing for granted. However, pesky issues usually have a way of creeping in over time. In order to assist you in keeping your home’s plumbing functioning like a well-oiled machine for as long as possible, we’ve decided to outline the most common plumbing issues and supplement them with tips you can follow to easily prevent them.

Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets are bound to happen over extended time, but there are a few things we can do to delay their arrival as long as possible. Some faucets leak from the handles themselves, which can be attributed to worn out or loose O-rings. To prevent this issue, be sure to refrain from using excessive pressure when operating your faucet. Additionally, be sure to keep a close look out for any light rusting to address leaky faucets as soon as possible before extensive damage is done.

Clogged Pipes

The convenience of flushable wipes is undeniable, but they aren’t always as flushable as advertised. While they may eventually dissolve in water, they do so much more slowly than toilet paper. As such, extensive usage can easily create a blockage in your pipes or septic tank.

Catastrophic Bursts and Leaks

Generally, most plumbing issues start as a minor malfunction before they begin to worsen over time. While fluke incidents will always happen, it’s very likely that your plumbing system will display minor symptoms before a catastrophe occurs. This is why it’s so important to address issues as simple as a slowed or clogged drain before they have the chance to snowball into something much more serious.

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Water Heater Issues

The best way to ensure your water heater is up to the task of delivering a comfortable water temperature on demand is to keep up with its routine maintenance. Due to the complexity of water heaters, this isn’t a task to DIY. A professional plumber can flush out your water tank and remove any sediment buildups that may be reducing efficiency and limiting your supply of hot water.


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