After renting or owning your home for a few years, you shouldn’t be surprised to come across your first leak. As you move forward with the fix, here are four facts about common household leaks to keep in mind!

Leaks May be Easier to Fix Than You Think!

We always recommend addressing any household leaks as soon as possible. Occasionally, residents are reluctant to reach out and address their leak issue out of fear that the cost will be more than they hoped. However, many of the most common household leaks have simple fixes that can be completed in under one hour! The key is addressing the leak early before more serious and costly damage takes place.

Leaks That Seem Insignificant May End Up Being Costly in the Long Run

So, how can ignoring a leak come back to bite you? First, you may notice a sudden increase in your monthly water bill. If the problem is left as is or continues to worsen, you may also discover mold, dry rot, and even structural damage if the issue is more serious than it appears to an untrained eye.

You May Be Wasting More Water Than You Realize

How much water is your leak producing? While the water lost may seem insignificant, you may be surprised by how quickly it adds up. Let’s assume you have a faucet that drips once every ten seconds. That adds up to roughly a gallon of lost water per day! Keep in mind that this would be considered a slow drip. If your leak is more powerful, the amount of water lost can exponentially increase. Moreover, a typical toilet leak could waste about 200 gallons of water per day!

Your Water Heater May Be at Risk for Leaking

Toilet leaks, faucet leaks, pipe joint leaks, and supply line leaks are among the most common household leaks, but even your water heater may be suspect to this pesky issue. If you discover a leak clearly coming from your water heater, don’t panic! While it’s easy to assume the worst, there’s a great chance your water heater does not need replacement. If your water heater is leaking, our expert plumbers would be happy to inspect whether simple maintenance will restore it to its original functionality, potentially saving you from purchasing a pricey replacement!

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