It’s not uncommon for our team to respond to calls to fix plumbing issues that were caused accidentally by children. This isn’t a surprise, as younger children are full of curiosity and even older children aren’t immune to the possibility of accidentally putting the wrong items down the drain. In order to prevent any unneeded plumbing surprises, we’ve compiled a list of a few things your children should know about your home’s plumbing system.

Do Not Continue to Flush a Clogged Toilet

We’re all familiar with the fact that the last thing you should do to fix a clogged toilet is continue to flush it. However, many children learn this lesson the hard way. There are few things more fear-inducing for a child than watching the water level of a toilet uncontrollably rise.  Moreover, there are few things more fear inducing for parents than being tasked with cleaning a completely flooded-out bathroom.

Use Caution with Water Temperature

Children have very easy access to hot and cold water with a short trip to the kitchen or bathroom. This might seem like a minor threat, but scald burns are more common than you might imagine. Over 500,000 individuals are impacted by scald burns per year in the United States, with children under the age of 5 being at highest risk.  As such, be sure to confirm that your young children have a firm grasp on operating the sink before allowing them to do so without supervision.

Be Careful What You Flush or Put Down the Drain

Of all the potential plumbing issues a child could cause, this one is most likely to require the services of a professional plumber to fix. To prevent clogs before they render your toilet or sink unusable, be sure to confirm your child has a firm understanding of the following items that should never be flushed or wash down the drain:

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